MAGMA™ Geothermal Steam Turbine
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Need a geothermal steam turbine-generator fast?

TurboCare's MAGMATM Geothermal Steam Turbines provide customers with a faster option for their geothermal steam turbine-generator needs.  The MAGMATM provide the following solutions and benefits:

  • TurboCare MAGMATM 2000 (10-20 MW range)
  • TurboCare MAGMATM 3000 (20-30 MW range)
  • TurboCare MAGMATM 5000 (30-50 MW range) 
  • Advanced design, highly efficient steam path 
  • Widely spaced nozzles to resist fouling from deposits 
  • Modern dovetails that reduce peak stress and resist SCC
  • Continuous coupled blades to lower alternating stress and resist corrosion-assisted fatigue
  • Improved rotor and blade materials resist corrosion attack
    Innovative design for the fastest delivery!

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