Frame 6 Gas Turbine
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Comprehensive Gas Turbine Solutions

The GE Frame 6B type gas turbine is a 40 MW class gas turbine, designed for 50/60 Hz power generation and 50,000 hp class mechanical drive service. With its high-rated reliability, it is a popular choice for low installed cost power generation or prime movers in midrange service.

The GE Frame 6B type unit represents the widest range of applications: simple cycle, heat recovery application, combined cycle and mechanical drive.

TurboCare has accumulated a wide experience on these units and we are able to provide a service that covers all the needs of your GE Frame 6 Turbine. We can provide replacement parts, repairs service, field assistance and upgrades.  Find out more details on our capabilities or contact us today to get assistance for your GE Frame 6 type gas turbine!

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